Interesting Facts About The Vapor Cigarette

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inside smoke water vapor cigaretteAn electronic or water vapor cigarette stimulates the experience of smoking without causing the major drawbacks of inhaling smoke from tobacco. This device consists of an atomizer, a cartridge, and a rechargeable battery. Some electronic cigarette models combine the cartridge and atomizer in one piece, but other variations keep these components separate.  If you’re looking for the best vapor cigarette then check out South Beach Smoke or Green Smoke.

How does the vapor cigarette work?

The cartridge holds the filler, which is soaked with a special liquid that contains the flavoring and nicotine. Upon activation of the device, the atomizer generates heat that vaporizes the liquid. Users inhale the vapor, which looks a bit like the smoke produced by a typical cigarette.

Most cartridges are disposable, while others are refillable. This component can hold about half a pack’s worth of liquid. Refillable ones are economical to use because you do not have to keep buying new cartridges. Moreover, you can choose from several flavor options for refill liquids, so you are not limited to just one type of flavored liquid.  South Beach Smoke, which is my favorite vapor cigarette, has a wide variety of flavors and models to choose from.

The battery usually lasts for a maximum of 3 hours when used moderately. You can recharge the batteries conveniently in your car or at home. Some users purchase longer batteries, so they can enjoy vaping for more hours than with regular batteries. In fact, there are “mods” that use large batteries, which can last for about three days when charged completely.

Are Vapor Cigarettes Safe?

Many people believe that the water vapor or e cigarette is safer than the conventional type of cigarette. The relative safety of this smoking device is attributed to the ingredients used in the e-cig liquid. Several users do not experience persistent cough when they switched to smoke free cigarettes. Some people even claim that their senses of taste and smell have improved. In addition, they are no longer a nuisance to the people around them because the device does not produce a thick and foul-smelling smoke.

While others may have experienced side effects from electronic cigarette usage, these are only temporary and mild. Typically, the liquid consists of vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, or a combination of both substances. It also includes food-grade flavorings and nicotine extract. Some manufacturers use small amounts of alcohol or water to remove the syrupy texture of the liquid.

Propylene glycol is a component used in several products including cough syrups, asthma inhalers, cosmetics, and toothpaste. This is a fairly safe ingredient, and the FDA even considers it as generally safe for human consumption. Nicotine, on the other hand, is a substance that can be addictive and dangerous when taken in large amounts. Although electronic cigarettes have few quantities of nicotine, users should vape moderately to prevent serious health problems.

Why is the water vapor cigarette economical to use?

As compared to traditional cigarettes, a vapor cigarette is much less expensive and practical to use. Although the initial cost for the smoking device is higher, you will discover that the consumables come with a very low cost. You no longer have to purchase a pack of cigarettes weekly because you only need to refill the cartridge when necessary. Depending on how often you smoke , and the price of tobacco cigarettes in your area, vapor cigarettes can give you huge savings of about 75 percent monthly.

It is important that you watch out for price gouging, and always compare rates offered by various companies and sellers. Some people try to make a quick buck out of this new device in the market. You should avoid signing up for free trials online, as these are merely scammers. Keep in mind that you should not pay over $50 for a starter kit because many vendors sell top quality kits as low as $30. Another tip is you should avoid vendors that sell over $1 per one ml of the nicotine liquid. When you shop around, you will find better deals at cheap rates.

Bottom Line

Vapor cigarettes may provide users with the same experience of smoking a traditional cigarette; however, this new smoking device has more benefits than you can ever imagine. It does not emit harmful smoke, so you do not affect other people’s health whenever you use the device. This type of cigarette also allows you to choose from numerous flavor options, which you can purchase at a very reasonable price. Most people consider using vapor cigarettes because these are easy to use, practical, and suitable for their budget.

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